Valentining On A Budget

Happy Saint Valetine’s day.

As we all know, today is valentine’s day and not even the fact that it falls on a Monday would dampen the spirits of lovers worldwide.


As is customary, many lovers (married & single) would take this opportunity to shower their loved ones with gifts; ranging from the mundane (singlets & boxers) to the extravagant ($1,000 dinner at a newly opened Abuja restaurant).


Whilst I am not advocating that we avoid pampering our loved ones, financial prudence dictates that we do it responsibly. There is no need incurring debt or even borrowing to celebrate this day. This day can still be celebrated without breaking the bank or your budget.


Here are some of the ways we can celebrate the day within budget:


  • Stay Indoors: As to be expected, many restaurants globally will be fully booked today.

For those watching their budgets, an alternative to eating out on this day, is to have a romantic dinner at home. The dinner can be catered for by an outsider or prepared at home. The idea is to do something intimate without necessarily over paying for it.


  • Buy gifts that last: Instead of buying flowers and cakes, we may choose to give assets (such as shares or mutual funds or jewelry for those that can afford it) as gifts.

As unromantic as this may sound, these gifts will definitely last longer than the flowers, chocolates or cakes will do. Their value will also appreciate over time all things being equal.


  • Celebrate on a different day: Another cost effective way is to agree to defer the dinner or outing till another day say the preceding weekend. The date can even be deferred to another day that has a special significance to both parties. That way, you save both money and time since the venues would most likely be less crowded.


As mentioned earlier, this is not to advocate that we become like Ebenezer Scrooge (the miserly character in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol) but about finding cheaper ways of celebrating our loved ones during Valentine’s Day.

I look forward to reading your comments because I am so sure that not too many people may agree with me.

Until next week, please maintain social distancing, wear your face masks in public and if you are yet to, vaccines (booster shots inclusive) are still being administered to those qualified to receive them. Do have a fantastic week ahead.


Toyin Oguntuyi