The Power Of Optimism

Happy Fathers’ Day celebrations to all the men and dads amongst us. We acknowledge the fact it is your turn to be celebrated (eyin lo’kan) and wholeheartedly do so today. On that note, here’s welcoming us to another Monday and newsletter.

We will all agree that the last couple of weeks have been disappointing and discouraging for many investors worldwide. What we can safely say is that for many, it is a period to just keep calm and just avoid checking your portfolio.

One thing an astute investor will tell you is that staying power or endurance is an essential trait to imbibe or cultivate. Experience however shows that this is much more easier said than done. There is nothing as discouraging as helplessly watching the value of your assets erode.

However, experts will remind us that everything is cyclical. As Solomon rightly put it “to everything, there is a season”. A time to boom and a time to burst (coined by yours truly).

In my opinion, one way of ensuring that we manage our emotions whilst we wait for things to improve (for the losses to turn to profits or for outstanding investments to be paid) is to remain optimistic.

According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, an optimist is “a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something”. The Cambridge dictionary, on the other hand, defines an optimist as the “person who believes good things will happen”.

Irrespective of the definition that resonates with you, the average investor needs to be an optimistic person amongst other things. I strongly believe this is why many wealthy people are able to function well during financial downturns.

Even medical practitioners encourage us to learn to manage stressful situations in order to help safeguard our health effectively. Indeed, a lot of mental health awareness is being done in this regard.

Below are some of the ways we can stay optimistic:

  • View being positive as the rational response to challenges: as we popularly say on this side of the world ë go better”. Mind you, optimism isn’t a denial of trouble, rather it is an understanding that there will be problems but that there can be a positive outcome. This is why serial investors and business people keep at it despite their challenges.

Indeed, the Yoruba language interestingly teaches optimism through some of its popular phrases – “Mo ro ogo” or “Mo ri ire”.

These 2 words are usually exclaimed in times of trouble but ironically mean “I have seen glory” and I have seen goodness” respectively.


  • Celebrate some wins: Optimism helps you celebrate the seemingly small wins such as the return of some of the funds invested rather than bemoaning the outstanding balance.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with expressing concern, optimism is not a belief that life is perfect but that trouble can be faced head-on and so celebrates any form of progress.

It also allows you to stay in the present rather than being fixated on the past or future. It helps you enjoy today’s victories whilst trusting that tomorrow will be better.

Till we meet again next week, please ensure you register for your PVC if you are yet to do so. Also, endeavour to encourage as many people yet to do around you.

Do have a productive week and may God continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Toyin Oguntuyi