The 4 Pillars For Your Finances

2020 May Seem Hard, But it’s Going To Be A Year Of Much Learning and Interesting Outcomes.

Economic and global market issues should endear us to learning more about how to make, manage and multiply resources.

Coronavirus pushing us to learning better hygiene habits.

Social distancing providing more family bonding and opportunity for online learning.

Let’s all stay safe and positive.

So let me share with you Two Concepts and Four Pillars For Navigating your finances this season and beyond.

There are two concepts that should matter with regards to  your finances and I call them your  Stocks and Flows.

Stocks are things you have now: more like your networth;  The amount of  water you have in your wealth bucket. Flows relate to the rate at which things are changing: how much  of water and how quickly it  is flowing into or out of your bucket.

There is no way water wouldn’t flow out of the bucket, as much as water flows in, but it is your responsibility to retain as much as you can for the days ahead.

Guard your Bucket deliberately.I encourage you to also carefully protect the 4 pillars of your finances


Protect your sources of income and explore more money making opportunities


Dave Ramsey’s advises folks to take care of the 4 walls of their budget first this season.

1. Food

2. Utilities

3. Shelter

4. Transportation

For those overseas, pause paying extra on debt perhaps, save money, and get part-time work if you can to help weather the storm.


Guard your investments and please don’t take rash decisions. This will surely pass is no longer a religious terminology, even Wall Street experts have adopted the phrase also. Be on the look out for opportunities also.


Do not take on additional liabilities as you focus on paying down what you have. The Global community has been left reeling with fear of Economic hardship and recession. If you are owing people and you have the means, pay up. Everyone is sorting out their finances and getting their lives in order.

Having said all of these, please remain positive and learn as much as you can.

I will love to hear from your this season and what you are personally doing to stay afloat.

I promise to reply every response to this email, so hit me up.

All Will Be Well

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