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The Smart Investment Club WebinarBy Coach Mayowa Olusoji

March 25, 2022

The Smart Investment Club Webinar

August 11, 2021

The Smart Investment Club Webinar

July 11, 2021

Paying Tax is a one of the way of fulfilling your civic responsibilities. Get to know what type of taxes you should pay and how.

Planning, Budgeting and Investing For 2021

By Sola Adesakin and Kalu Aja

(Jan 2021)

Insightful ideas on how you can build your Investment Portfolio.

Chase the gold and not the coal and follow the trend!

The 7 Money Ws To Master For 2021

Year End Financial Planning Session

By Sola Adesakin

(Nov 2020)

The 7 Pillars For Your Financial Success

The 7 Ws

What You Should Know About A Recession and More

Immigrating To Canada Through The Business/ Entrepreneurship Route

Featuring The Smart Investment Club And Canreach

November 2020

Cryptocurrency 101
"What I Need To Know About Bitcoin"

By Teju Adeyinka
Product Manager, Buycoins Africa
(November 2020)

Understanding Digital Currencies:

The Benefits

The Risks

Asset Allocation & Diversification

Building Your Own Optimal Portfolio

By Sola Adesakin
(Oct 2020)

Toni Robbins Buckets Model

Ray Dalio’s All-weather Portfolio Model

Investopedia Model

Smart Stewards Model

Real Estate Acquisition Opportunities For Professionals:

The Dos, Don'ts and Strategies

By Sola Adesakin
(Oct 17, 2020)

8 Things To Know About Real Estate

The Dos, Don’ts and The Strategies

Smart Stewards
Book Review
"5 Secrets of The Wealthy

By Mayowa Olusoji and Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi
(Oct 31, 2020)

The 5 Jars

Investing In Multipliers

Understanding Seasons

Smart Stewards Junior Club Book Review

“5 Secrets of The Wealthy

Anchored By Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi
(Oct 31, 2020)

Frappuccino Night With Sola Adesakin

Your Future and Your Finances

Having The Right Money Mindset.

The Difference between being rich and being wealthy and much more.

Featured August 2020

Cocoon Atlantic Partnership With Smart Stewards

Real Estate opportunities funded by accessing NHF Loans from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria through Cocoon Atlantic to purchase 2, 3 bedroom apartments and townhouses

My Investment Journey

A Brilliant session with the Group Managing Director of RainOil Limited as he shared his Investment stories with us.

The discussions centred around:

Real Estate


Stocks and Equity

And much more

Half Year Design Parley Sola Adesakin and Abiola Adekoya

Sola Adesakin and Abiola Adekoya discussed a few things to consider in maximising one’s finances.

Featured: July 2020

Featured: May 2020

Investment In Mobility

Presentation By Lydia and Pablo, Senior Managers, Holborne Assets,Dubai

For Members of The Smart Investment Club.

Citizenship By Investment: How To obtain Citizenship of countries like Grenada, Antigua, Malta, Cyprus and More. The How, Where and When.


Our Business And Investment Journey

We hosted Goke and Bimbola Balogun to an amazing session of learning about how they built Sofresh within 10 years


Angel Investing With Iyin Aboyeji

We hosted Iyin Aboyeji CEO Andela and Co-Founder Flutterwave To An amazing session on Angel Investing



Nike & Sam Adeyemi

My Investing Journey

Nike Adeyemi takes us through an insightful 2-hour session on her investing journey and her experiences along the way. Her hubby; Sam Adeyemi joined in at the end with a short prayers for participants! 

(Click on any of the images to watch the video)

May 2020

Featured APRIL 2020

Investing In The US Real Estate Market

With Motunrayo Ade-Famoti

April, 2020

Featured APRIL 2020

Wealth Diversification & Generating New Income Streams

Presentation by Abiola Adekoya And Sola Adesakin.

April 2020

APRIL 2020

Understanding The Nigeria Stocks and Funds Market

Investing In The US Stock Market

Can You Invest in US  Stocks especially from Nigeria?

Yes you can and you can buy fractional shares too.

The Smart Investment Club has partnered with Bamboo Invest to make this possible and seamless.

Click on the image to watch the webinar.

What's Your Personal Finance Lane?

Sola Adesakin

To achieve success with your personal finance, you need to walk in your LANE; 

which encompasses some key elements of your finances .Your Personal Finance LANE consists of:

L: Literacy

A: Accountability

N: Networth and Network

E: Earnings and Expenses

Managing Expenses

Learning to analyze your expenses and to prioritize. Do you prioritize your expenses or do you spend spontaneously? Spend wisely and free up your money fro more investment opportunities. This video sheds some light..... For more insight on personal finance, please visit https://smart-stewards.thinkific.com/ for my courses on personal finance management, debt management, Accounting for business owners and lots more.

Risk Profiling In Investments
( External Content)

What is Your Risk Profile?




What are the things you should and shouldn’t do?

Asset Allocation And Classes

What Are Asset Classes?

Most people choose from four main types of investment, known as ‘asset classes’.

Shares – you buy a stake in a company

Cash/Mutual Funds – the savings you put in a bank or Asset Management Company

Property – you invest in a physical building, whether commercial or residential

Fixed interest securities (also called bonds) – you loan your money to a company or government

Other Asset Types

There are other types of investments available too, including:

  • Foreign currency
  • Collectibles, such as art and antiques
  • Commodities like oil, coffee, corn, rubber or gold
  • Contracts for difference, where you bet on shares gaining or losing value

The various assets owned by an investor are called a portfolio.

As a general rule, spreading your money between the different types of asset classes helps lower the risk of your overall portfolio under performing

What Are Fixed Income Securities?

Everything you need to know about Fixed Income Securites

Fixed Income Securities

Here are a couple of Zoom meetings we have had at the club on: 

Fixed Income Securities

Dollar Denominated Investments

What Are Bonds? (External Content)

This short video will explain what bonds are and how they work….

Explains also the difference between stocks and bonds.

Some of our teaching team & Guests


Lead Coach and Founder SIC

Sola Adesakin (FCA FCCA CPA MBA)

Sola has over 18 years combined experience practising and teaching  Personal and Business Finance. She Leads the Smart Stewards Communities which include:

The Smart Stewards Literacy Platforms


The Smart Stewards Co-operative Society 


Abiola Adejonwo

Investment Manager

Abiola has over 24 years experience in the financial sector spanning across Investment Advisory, Fixed Income Securities, Portfolio Management and Stock Broking.

She is eceptional at what she does.


Temitope Olomola

Personal Finance & Agric Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything about Agricultural investments and personal Finance, Temitope is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

She is a graduate of Agricultural Economics from OOU and MBA holder from OAU Ile Ife.


Don't Forget To:

minimize your documents

Get Your Investment Documents Together. Automate Your Processes.

monitor your investments

Keep an eye on your investments and performance.

automate repeating tasks

Automate your periodic savings through direct debits and standing orders

save to the cloud

Back up your information from time to time


You may visit the Smart Stewards Academy for more courses on financial literacy.

Personal Finance Course

One Off

Bookkeeping For SME Owners

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Personal Accountability Course

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In such a short while, I have been able to invest over N30m! Prior to now, my account debits at the end of the year tallies the inflows and I only see The inflows in paper as I would have expended  all on different unnecessary stuff. But now, I invest every dime left after I have taken care of the bit to run the business and my home. The extra
now goes straight into investment! Thank You for all you do fro SIC Coach! -
"The support received from SIC has made a significant difference on our business. We’ve seen a massive returns since the commencement of our business deals.
Agro Alled Expert
"I never knew I could have an Investment in Dollars! Such a joy to have started that and greater joy it is when I see my Dollar Investment appreciating everyday. I am proud to be a part of The SIC!
" The coaching and lessons so received  have  had a very remarkable influence in my investment aspect of my finances ,  I’d always like to see more of  your knowledge packed lessons.