My Thoughts About 2021 Financial Outlook By Sola Adesakin

I have watched too many romantic Christmas movies that have put me in Christmas mood already, and I am equally excited about the new year as well. Quite a number of people have reached out to me asking what my perception about 2021 is.

If you have read from me or tagged along with me for a while, you will by now, know how optimistic I am about everything.

I have an assurance that 2021 is going to be a big financial year for a lot of individuals.

A few years ago; 2018 to be precise, I started a challenge and encouraged folks to save up the equivalent of $1000 (one thousand dollars) in naira, so they could start their dollar mutual funds.

About 250 people got on that challenge and more than half proceeded to open their dollar mutual funds, with some saving up about $1000 and some up to $50,000 (and more).

When devaluation hit a few months ago, I got many emails thanking me for that challenge.

You see, the national and global outlook may not look entirely interesting now, but individuals who choose the path of commitment, literacy , collaboration with regards to their finances would experience success.
I will share my thoughts before the year runs to an end about 2021, but in the meantime, here are a few things wisdom tips you can start to interact with, in your mind.

If you are looking at starting a business or investing, keep these six (6) areas/ sectors in mind:

1. Food and Water: There always be a need for this and this industry is one that wouldn’t shrink in spite of inflation and whatnot. We all have to eat and feed our families. I have seen teachers become caterers this year and a lot more people monetizing their skills. Some people patronise caterers for their household feeding needs, even more than ever before.

2. Agriculture: In 2020, Agriculture has proven to be one sector we cannot ignore. Personally, I am taking my agriculture game more seriously and this will reflect across the platforms I lead. The bulk of our most profitable investment deals came from the Agriculture sector.

3. Transportation and Logistics Operations: One of the things that fascinate me about the “abroad life” is how your purchases get delivered to your door. It is always a thrill to see a Fedex, DHL van pull up at your front door a few days after making an online purchase.

In Nigeria these days, despatch riders have made possible, the ease and promptness of deliveries and this is an industry a lot of people are embracing. Bearing in mind the regulations and all, you may want to consider the industry with proper leverage of technology.

4. Real Estate: I see a lot more people embracing mortgage to access home ownership. Many are saving up to buy their houses and the housing industry is witnessing a lot of activities.
I have been to several sites as part of sourcing and negotiating deals for clients and sometimes members of The Smart Investment Club.

I expect this trend to continue into the new year

At the Smart Investment Club, this 2020, we have helped a couple of our members jumpstart their journey to accessing the NHF Loan for the purchase of their homes (and some for investment purposes) and their joy knows no bound.

You see, it is convenient to say how impossible the system is, just because most people haven’t had a headway.
What you need sometimes is the right amount of information and partnership to make things work.

5. Medical Supplies and Healthcare: The need to stay safe and prioritise good health could not be more emphasised than now. Your physical health is as important as your financial wealth. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of health.

6. TheKnowledge Industry: Consulting, Coaching and Teaching leveraging on technology is one industry I believe will experience a higher level of growth . I know a lot of people are playing in this industry already, but we are in a knowledge era and those who know their onions will thrive.

What have you been called to teach?

Get the right amount of preparation, skills and certifications. In other news,
Don’t forget to keep hedging against devaluation of naira by saving and investing in dollar denominated funds; with as low as $100 a month.

I look forward to sharing some amazing news with you before the end of November.

My special invitation for you to join The Smart Investment Club is still available, it’d be my joy for you to become a prestigious mansion owner at the Billionairesville Community. Our plans for financial literacy and helping our members build wealth in the new year are big and we would like to have your variety in our very colorful world already.

2021 is our big financial year Adesola, and I know we are going to do biiiiiig things together!