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“My first contact with Mrs Sola Adesakin was in May 2020 during the ThyPrecious Jewels E-Conference. I was captivated by the way she used Biblical concepts as the basis for financial literacy. I took note of the Make, Manage and Multiply Money principles and started following her on social media. I was hungry for information and knowledge to apply these principles. It turned out to be a God-orchestrated connection. Amid the COVID crisis and desperate to start rebuilding so I could leave a legacy of blessings for the next generation, I took the leap of faith to invest in personal development, starting with Financial Literacy. I registered for her Fit-to-Fly Course; it was eye-opening. It allowed me to do a critical evaluation of my financial standing. I realised that I needed to pay attention to making money work for me. I also needed to explore other sources of income.”

Dr. Irene Olumese

“Sola’s coaching has helped me to bring order to my financial life and to ensure that my money goes where I want it to each month rather than where it had been going without thought and planning. Best of all, her coaching has guided me towards solutions that fit my core values and that have given me a greater sense of peace and overall well being.”


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Again, what do you stand to gain from this workbook?

Meet the Author

She is a multi-dimensional Author, Speaker and Finance Expert, experienced and versatile Chartered Accountant with over 18 years hands-on experience on Personal and SMEs finance. She is a Personal Finance Coach, Trainer and Conference/Seminar Speaker. Through multi-dimensional platforms which can be viewed at http://www.solaadesakin.com, She has helped many men and women bounce back from stress to rest and from debt to wealth.

She holds a BSC in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and also a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of The United Kingdom (ACCA). She is a Member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) and she also holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University) Scotland.

Sola is the Managing Partner of BookSmart Financial Solutions; an SME friendly Accounting firm and also the Founder and Lead Coach of Smart Stewards; a Platform for teaching sound principles on personal finance management. She mentors women through the Smart Stewards Inner Circle platform and with a deep passion for catching the younger generation early, she has recently founded the Smart Stewards Junior Club; a platform that organizes learning opportunities for children aged 5-14.

Through her platforms, she organizes financial planning training for staff of companies and also consults for high-net-worth individuals. 

She has authored 8 published books; her latest being “Fit-To-Fly Financial Plan” (Available from July 2020). Some of her other titles include  “May I Have My Money”,  “The Real Profit “ and “40 Frugal Rules For Your Journey To Financial Freedom”; A Practical and Pragmatic Guide For Wealth Management. Her eBooks collections include Your Money, Our Money, My Money” (YOM Money), “Smart Investing Guide and the “Money Guide For Children. Her books are on Amazon ( In digital and paper-back formats) and other leading book distributors.

She is a recipient of the Women X Scholarship; An Initiative of the World Bank and Pan Atlantic University for Female Entrepreneurs. She is happily married to Gboyega and they are blessed with 3 amazing sons.