Lesson 1: What Is Your Networth?

What Is Your Networth?

When people hear the word “networth”, they attribute it to wealthy people and celebrities mentioned on FORBES. No! Truth is everyone has a networth. You’d be surprised that a day old baby has a networth already. There’s a value attributable to every one of us and I am not speaking Christian terminologies!

Simply said: Networth is Assets (WHAT YOU OWN) Minus Liabilities (WHAT YOU OWE). Someone said “Your Networth is a one number snapshot of your financial health and the types of shocks you can endure”

Now, create on a sheet of paper where you are at financially. Your assets (land, property, stocks, bank accounts etc) versus liabilities ( loan, mortgage etc).

This amazing online Networth Calculator will help you calculate your Networth on the spot, and save it as a PDf File also.

Your result would be 1 out of 3:

1. You have a positive networth. Your Assets are more than your Liabilities
2. You have a balanced networth- Your Assets are equal to your Liabilities
3. Your have a negative networth- Your Assets are lower than your liabilities ( *Gbese*)

Action Point: Is it safe to continue your current Lifestyle or is there a need for a change? You decide that yourself!