Navigating A Time Like This

Welcome to a new week and a new newsletter. In the past few weeks, news from around the globe has been mainly negative. Starting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to increased oil and gas (fuel) prices on the international scene to fuel scarcity, national grid collapses, and skyrocketing diesel prices back home in Nigeria;

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Still Breaking The Bias

Welcome to another Monday and a new week. In continuation of last week’s International Women’s Day celebrations, we will still be looking at how women can break the bias when it comes to financial literacy and wealth-building or creation. According to a survey of 150,000 people from over 140 countries, only 30% of women could

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Time And Chance

Welcome to another Monday and new newsletter. Last week, 2 posts on social media caught my attention. The first post, from a tech founder; was on the need for young people in their twenties to focus on hard work if they wanted to be successful. As to be expected, it garnered a lot of reactions

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