Sola Kokun

Thank You!

Welcome to the last Monday in November and our last newsletter of 2022. Today I am signing by saying thank you to everyone for coming along on this journey with me. I trust that it was as educative and enlightening for all of us as it was for me. Incidentally, the art of gratitude was […]

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Lessons From The FTX Saga…

Welcome to the penultimate newsletter of 2022! Today, we will be discussing another lesson I have learnt this year. Interestingly, the ongoing FTX saga has done a lot to reinforce that lesson. The bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX has helped me appreciate the need for accountability as well as the importance of checks and balances

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Anything can happen

Welcome to newsletter 46 of 2022. Kindly excuse the late arrival of the newsletter in your mailbox; it took the snail route this week. Last week, we commenced our countdown to the end of the year by discussing some of the major lessons I have learnt during the course of this year. Today, we will look

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Elon Musk The Perfume Seller

Welcome to another newsletter. Last Wednesday, the world watched in bemusement as the richest man temporarily pivoted from his tech background.   It all started when Elon Musk joked on Twitter that given his surname, he should have been a fragrance (perfume) salesman. Shortly after, he turned serious and asked his followers to aid his

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Inspiring Friendship

Welcome to the last newsletter of September.   Over the weekend, I had the opportunity of witnessing 2 sets of friendships that opened my eyes to the fact that some friendships are indeed a store of value or source of wealth.   Last Friday, Roger Federer played his last tennis match alongside his great rival turned friend – Rafa Nadal. For me

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