Ahead Of The 2023 Elections

Welcome to the month of April and the start of Q2 2022!

For the numerous members of the club based in Nigeria, saying we certainly have seen better days with respect to the economy would be a big understatement!

Clearly, we can relate many of the issues facing the country to government policies and actions or inactions. In recent times, more Nigerians are gradually realising that government policies can affect our lives in various ways. Political leadership typically impacts economic decisions which in turn affect personal money decisions and lifestyles. The devaluation of the Naira and the impact it is having on the affordability of everything from air ticker fares to school abroad is glaring to all,

Another example is how the recent sharp spike in diesel prices has upended the budgets of both families and commercial entities alike. When the ongoing food inflation is factored in, it is clear that the budgets of most families are under immense pressure.

This is not advocating that only government is responsible for our financial outcomes but rather that their policies create the backdrop or foundation for our investing outcomes.

As the country starts the countdown to electing a new president come 2023, it is critical that we pay more attention to the candidates (at state and federal levels) and their policies as they will have definitely have an impact and influence on the direction of our finances.

In developed climes, citizens tend to be very vested during elections given that they know that any elected government would influence various social; indices such as taxes, health care, education, and infrastructure amongst others.

As such, this week this newsletter is focused on encouraging every Nigerian of voting age who is yet to register to vote to ensure that they urgently do so. For the registered voters amongst us, kindly ensure you secure your voter’s card and start paying attention to the campaigns. This is important as there we are approximately 300 days away from the February 2023 elections.

Even though it may be little steps, we all owe to our children and the wealth we are creating for them to do so.

Till next Monday, do have a prosperous week.


Toyin Oguntuyi