A Few Tips For Navigating 2022 Financial Year: By Sola Adesakin

I have done more encouraging and counseling this year than I have done cumulatively in the last 4 years. A lot of people are quite distressed by the state of the economy ( in different countries), delayed investments, and Cashflow issues.


I encourage you to keep your mind positively engaged, keep your ideas tank clean and constantly working, be part of productive conversations, and never forget to commit your ways to God.


How do we keep our financial lives healthy in a time like this?


Here are a few tips practical tips that you should find useful.


1. Review your outgoings and expenses. 

Whilst it may not be possible to cut down on some expense categories, you may be able to identify areas where you can better manage your outflows.

No one needs to be reminded about their latte factors, look into things you can improve on, and do better.


2. Rework, reuse, improvise and be smarter with your resources. Rearrange your resources around the house. Clearing and rearranging my closet about two weeks ago made me stumble on stuff  I could have spent money purchasing. I felt like I won a jackpot. Just imagine!


3. Run your own race.

More than ever before, societal pressures and comparisons are triggers for complaints. The Joneses are eyeing what you have, no need trying to look like them.


4. Re-evaluate your Cashflow.


We all need more money this season. An additional job, skills that can be monetized, and possible collaboration efforts are things to consider. Speak up and ask for help where necessary.


5. Read up about developments around the world.

Leverage opportunities and protect yourself and your family from the effect of harsh economic conditions and unpleasant surprises.


I read a LinkedIn post earlier today that I thought to share with you. I don’t want it to incite fear in you, but a resolve to win against all odds, this year and beyond.


Please read the article below, take notes of your strategy, and feel free to let me know what you think.



Positivity, Profits & Prosperity…

Smartly Yours,

Sola Adesakin

You’ll take delight in God, the Mighty One, and look to him joyfully, boldly. You’ll pray to him and he’ll listen; he’ll help you do what you’ve promised. You’ll decide what you want and it will happen; your life will be bathed in light. To those who feel low you’ll say, ‘Chin up! Be brave!’ and God will save them. Yes, even the guilty will escape, escape through God’s grace in your life.””
‭‭Job‬ ‭22:26-30‬ ‭MSG