Welcome to a new week and the last Monday in April.  

How times fly! In case you are unaware, this is the 52nd article I have written for the Smart Stewards Investment Club and tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of this weekly article.

This week, I will crave your indulgence to divert a bit and go down memory lane. This journey has been an eye opening one for me and has taught me several life and money lessons that I will like to share.

  • Just start: when I started writing I really did not know what format it will take; I just knew I had information to share. Over the months, the style and format have changed for the better (I believe) but it would not have mattered if I had not started in the first place.

This is just like saving or investing, just start – no matter how small the amount; the journey will make sense as you go along.

  • Even in chaos, opportunities do exist: I actually started writing during the lockdown as a way of keeping busy and the rest, as they say, is history.

Opportunities always exist, I hope we all find ours or may they find us. Whichever way, may we seize them when they appear.

  • It truly takes a village: The success of these articles is not mine alone but one I gladly share with several people – from those who proofread, provide feedback or even disagree with some of the points.

Like with these articles, we all need a team to make a success of any venture, especially our personal finance journey. Like me, ensure you recognize and appreciate your encouragers.

  • Consistency really matters: Over the past 52 weeks, there have been times I actually did not feel like writing, or even have an idea of what to write. Nevertheless, I somehow found strength or inspiration and did what I had to do.

You will agree with me that there are times we would rather spend than save, or not even want to budget so that we can splurge on that bag or electronics we have been eyeing; but, to make a headway in our personal finance journey, we need to show up and do the necessary things time and time again.

Once again, I will like to thank all the readers for taking this journey with me, it is truly appreciated. Till we meet next week, stay safe and if you are yet to; do remember to get vaccinated.

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