People say Red looks good on me..  If you scroll to the end of this post,  you may be able to say whether it is true or not.

Meanwhile when I was growing up, that’s how they sent me a message that I should not be wearing Red or Black or Dark colors so as not to attract what is not good…

Have you ever been told stuff that appear funny, which you nonetheless embraced until you came into an awareness about how silly it was?
The things we hear sometimes, and absorb like a sponge ?!

There’s this thing about saving money I hear all time, what I’d call a myth.

When people say you cannot save money until you earn plenty money.

And that someone who has not taken care of his bills cannot, and should not be expected to save.

What’s your opinion about this?

I shared some important points to note about the art of saving in my latest YouTube video and let me warn you ahead- I also shared some things I have done in the past that I am not quite proud of- when I was an unrepentant spender.

That was then, then was then, before the then that has birthed today. 

Please don’t let people label you by where you have been.

The version of you today is no match for who you are becoming tomorrow.

Don’t settle for less..

But lest I digress from the reason for this post, you need to understand that saving money is not necessarily about the amount, but the willingness, the consistency and the mindset.

Head on to my YouTube page HERE , listen to the video on “Lies About Saving” when you have a moment and hit the comment section with your thoughts.   Don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube page.

Meanwhile, how are you preparing for Valentine’s Day? 

Please take it easy on your wallet and don’t touch your investments! 

I am the Money Lady Whistledown and I see all you do! LOL

Enjoy your weekend ahead .

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