Gaining money is an action, maintaining money is a behaviour and multiplying money is knowledge—Anonymous

I “gained” my first lump-sum seven digits figure about 14 years ago from a project. Truth be told, it wasn’t so much of hard-work; I keyed into an opportunity by taking action, and I got rewarded for it.

I have “gained” seven digits many times after.

But you see, I didn’t save my first seven digits until many years after, because I hadn’t cultivated the habit and behavior of managing money. I was a financial ignoramus!

Today, beyond the right habits and money behaviour, I am taking in so much knowledge to help multiply my money and the journey gets easier by the day.

It’s easier to make N1m than save N1m and it’s a different ball game investing to make your first investment returns of N1m.

You see it?




The easiest of all is taking action. Action reflexes are quite easy. However, not every action is right or wise or apt.

When it comes to managing and multiplying money, it takes more to form the right money habits and acquire the knowledge to make your money work for you.

A lot of people want this done for them.

But NO! Habit-forming, Behaviour-shaping and Knowledge acquisition are intensely personal.

Happy New Year!!!

This is the year to do more, talk less and wish less.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

What you don’t deliberately fill and do, will be filled and done by something else. What you don’t prioritize will be taken over.

You have control over what you do, but for the things you leave to nature- all the best with the consequences.

I have an interesting message for you.

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I love you.

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