Welcome to a new week.

As we fast approach the middle of the month, we will continue our countdown to 2021 by taking time out to recount lessons learnt as well as give thanks for everything (financial and otherwise) this year has given us.

This week, we are carrying on with the series of contributions from some members of the Smart Investment Club on the lessons 2020 has taught them and the things they are grateful for.

The major learning from this exercise for me, has been the different perspectives people have had to this year and how they have chosen to see their “cups”. Many, have seen them as half full rather than half empty. We cannot truly appreciate wealth if we cannot appreciate life itself.

In the words of William Arthur Ward, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”.

Additional submissions are still being welcome (revealing your identity is optional).

In 2020, I am grateful for – F.A:

  • The gift of life, more so this year than ever before.
  • The so many seemingly little things that I used to take for granted – health, ability to go out and about randomly, soundness of mind, career, family, friends and my tribe of encouragers.
  • The abundance of knowledge available this season and the ability to access it.

I learnt:

  • That attaining true financial independence is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • That it’s never too late to start the process of actualizing one’s desires.
  • To be more deliberate, focused and consistent.
  • That it is ok to prioritize me – spirit, soul and body.
  • To find time for rest so as not to head for a burn out. The world would continue seamlessly in one’s absence.

I am thankful for – F.O.A:

  • Thankful for the weekly nuggets as it helps clarify/simplify most of the financial jargons and most importantly, it is a great source to identifying financial literatures, articles and magazines.
  • Thankful for the nuggets have helped developed my competence over the months especially with relationships and patience. I discovered depth of wealthy insights from having beautiful company.

My lessons:

  • Take advantage of opportunities to develop myself. There are opportunities out there – some are free & others are fee paying.
  • In wealth building activities, always have the end in view.
  • My new slogan – “progress is more valuable than speed”
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a late bloomer, just be intentional about the strategy in carving my niche
  • Maintaining a good emergency fund – what a life saver!
  • Making my savings work means investing with patience & long term view.
  • Patience is a virtue every investor must develop
  • Learnt to position myself to take advantage of opportunities by ensuring I am liquid enough to do so.

In 2020, I am grateful for: M.O

  • Protection – We had fire incident in July at about 3am. My 9 year old son woke us up and we realized the whole house was engulfed in smoke and living room on fire while we were asleep.

God woke up the youngest person in my house and he saved us.

  • Provision – I am truly grateful to God because I asked Him to provide all that was needed to fix the burnt living room and paint the whole apartment. He did in grand style.

Every kobo came in as a gift from people and we moved back in within 2 weeks.

  • Neighbours – Having good neighbours became a reason for me to thank God. When the fire occurred, we had to move out and everybody in the estate had to come out because of the fire alarm and the fire service.

My neighbours voluntarily took up the responsibility of cooking for every family in my block. They made breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A neighbour took my children in, gave three of them new clothes to wear and food to eat before we set out to my sister’s house.

  • Family – Having a peaceful family around me. Staying alone without any form of physical interaction during COVID would have been tough.
  • Above all, I thank God for life.

The following are financial lessons I followed through with this year – H.P:

  1. Mitigating black tax with passive income source for taking care of my relatives
  2. Specific knowledge about a field (crypto currency trading and investing)
  3. Long term asset play (owing land in Lagos State, Nigeria)
  4. Passive income source (POS business)
  5. Knowledge investing (joining paid groups for stock signals)
  6. Portfolio diversification (real estate, crypto currency, stock market, agro partnership)
  7. Ensuring returns on investment and businesses pay for liabilities
  8. Ensuring ROI beats the inflation rate

What a year, God has been faithful. 2020, a year indeed! A year to be thankful for – O.O:

  • Association – I am thankful for the right associations, the families and friends around me, who are available to pray, chill and brainstorm with me.
  • Education – Got a scholarship to study with Fate Foundation, got on another training with Lagos Business School among other learning platforms.
  • Business – This is the year my business had its greatest traction in turnover and sales, built our warehouse in Epe with my Smart Investment Ajo (contributions).
  • Career – I also joined my desired company in this same 2020 as the Business Development Executive.
  • Relationship – I am thankful for my relationships, though not going as planned but I am grateful.
  • Family – My father clocked 70, it can only be God. My family is doing awesome to the glory of God.
  • Indeed, I am an epitome of testimony, I am thanksgiving personified.

I am grateful to all those who have graciously shared their appreciation lists with us and look forward to sharing more responses from members next week.  

Please note that the new COVID 19 cases are almost as high as they were in July 2020, especially in Lagos State and as such we must continue to take personal responsibility for ensuring our safety. In fact, the federal government last week ordered that all isolation centers be reopened.

Even though vaccines have been approved and distribution has commenced in the US and UK, they are not expected to be readily available globally until 2021; as such it is very important that we remember that prevention is better than cure.

Keep washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing your face masks in public.  

Till next week, do have a wonderful week ahead.       

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