Welcome to a new week and the first Monday of the last month in the year of our Lord 2020.

This week, we will continue our countdown to 2021 by taking out time to recount lessons learnt as well as give thanks for everything (financial and otherwise) the year 2020 has given us.

In the words of Charles Dickens, “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

Today, we commence the series of contributions from some members of the Smart Investment Club on the lessons 2020 has taught them and things they are grateful for.

Additional submissions are still welcome (revealing your identity is optional).

My 2020 Lessons – Adesola Adesakin:

  1. Be grateful for life, family, great friendships- always!
  2. Health above all – Take good care of yourself; physically and mentally.
  3. Touch base constantly with those who truly matter to you and make less assumption about their well-being.
  4. Be flexible and open to change- Every new day has something the previous day didn’t have. Be a life-time learner.
  5. Embrace and unleash potentials you know you have, but which you are not currently maximizing. This starts with having a positive mind-set, a can-do disposition and surrounding yourself with people who can inspire you attain your dreams.
  6. Enlarge your reach, your circles, your dreams and aspirations. Live Borderless.
  7. Be You, Do You.

Lessons 2020 has taught me – T.O:

  1. To be a global investor leveraging the power of multi-currency investments.
  2. To categorise my different friendship circles and leverage the strength of each accordingly.
  3. Having the right money circle has helped me with accountability, consistency and my financial goals a going concern.
  4. To never procrastinate but take action immediately.
  5. Build the wealth in my head first and the money will follow. I have seen this work – I had decided on some things I wanted to do as regards my financial portfolio even when the means wasn’t obvious.

The more I wrote down & outlined in phases, it began to manifest one after the other. The secret is to dream big, we cannot grow beyond the size of our dreams.

  • Teaching my kids financial literacy through kids’ webinar & what they see me do also helped in putting their demands under check as they now understand the value of saving up for tomorrow.

Also involving them in a few entrepreneurial activities is gradually building that part of them up.

  • Learnt to be flexible and pick up myself where I fall. With my experience in past years in the stock market, I closed my mind to that aspect of investing for so long.

I was awed to see what others are reaping from the market which prompted me to take a short paid course recently to build up confidence and skill. Now I am ready to go in again.

In 2020, I am grateful for:T.A

  1. Community: At the beginning of the year I resolved to expand my networks. I have and the Smart Investment Club is one such networks that has afforded me the opportunity to learn from others, give back my time and skills to help others and simply grow.
  2. Down Time: Covid-19 helped me slow down and reorganise my life. I work remotely now and enjoy the time I have been able to spend with my family that would otherwise have been wasted commuting in Lagos traffic.
  3. Lower stress levels: The lockdown and remote work have helped me reassess what is important, prioritise responsibilities, slow down and breathe. I have even started a 10minute daily weekday session on IG teaching others what I have learned.
  4. Family: This time has helped me truly see that beyond everything else, my relationships are the most important things.

Thanksgiving for 2020 – FKE:

  1. I’m thankful for life – that despite all we’ve witnessed this year, I am still standing strong.
  2. I’m thankful for my job, for increases on all sides. While several have lost their jobs, I have witnessed increases. It is indeed a story of when men shall say there’s a casting down, we shall say there’s a lifting up

The lesson learnt – The importance of family – this is the root, the constant denominator in our lives.

During the different phases of the lockdowns, there were colleagues, friends from church with whom there was no single communication. When the push comes to the shove, the fall back is on the family.

My 2020 thanksgiving / lesson – Dolapo MacGregor-Itegbe:

  1. To take pleasure in the simple things which often are free and do not put pressure on us financially.
  2. I am grateful for health, family and the community of Smart Stewards (not for the money I have made with the opportunities provided but for the big lesson that each person’s race is different regardless of your net worth. Let’s take pleasure in growth from where we were yesterday versus today or better still; the knowledge we have acquired to take us to where we need to be tomorrow).

I joined in 2020 in the heat of the pandemic and remain grateful.

As we read the submissions above; we can reflect on the new steps to take next year, while also giving thanks for life and its numerous blessings.

Next week, we will continue with more responses from members on the lessons learnt and their reasons to give thanks for 2020.

Please remember that new COVID 19 cases are still being reported in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State and as such we must continue to take personal responsibility for ensuring our safety.

Although vaccines have been approved and distribution has commenced in the US and UK, they are not expected to be readily available globally until 2021; as such it is very important that we remember that prevention is better than cure.

Keep washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing your face masks in public.   Till next week, do have a wonderful December.

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