Welcome to a new week and the penultimate newsletter for 2020.

Today, we continue our countdown to 2021 by carrying on with the series of contributions from some members of the Smart Investment Club on the lessons 2020 has taught and the things they are grateful for.

This exercise, for me, has been educative and has made me realise that gratitude has different facets/perspectives. Particularly, it has reminded me that wealth can never be fully appreciated if life itself isn’t. 

According to Melody Beattie, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance. Chaos to order. Confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast. A house into a home. A stranger into a friend.”

My 2020 Lessons – Mayowa Olusoji

  1. Trust ONLY in God – If one virus can bring the whole of humanity to its knees and all the genius of men and advanced technology could neither predict nor respond to the threat of just this one virus; it shows the limitation of humanity.
  2. Relational Wealth – 2020 has shown the importance of relationships, what and those we would normally take for granted became so important; – the regular handshakes, hugs and cuddles.
  3. Emergency Fund – Always have a minimum 6 months of expenses in a savings account (Not Investment)
  4. Know, Be, Do – The gap between the wealthy & the poor is ever expanding.

In the middle of the pandemic, the wealth of the wealthiest people combined increased by over $1 trillion.

SEEK knowledge (Know), GET understanding (Be), APPLY wisdom (DO)

  • PRAP – (Plan) have a plan for your life, (R) Review that plan constantly, (A) Adjust your plan according, (P) Progress.

For all the planning we all did in 2019, I can bet that 99.9% didn’t plan for COVID.

Then COVID happened, it was only those who had an existing plan, who then reviewed and adjusted, that were able to make progress.

  • Crisis & Opportunity – Every crisis carries with it opportunities. Whichever one you see is only a matter of your mindset.

The growth mindset would say, wow 2020 was loaded with opportunities, the fixed mindset would say what a year full of problems and troubles. I choose the growth mindset.

Pulling through and flourishing in 2020 – G.A.O

2020 has been a year that all of us will never forget. It has marked me for life! A global pandemic sprinkled with a transformational protest in Nigeria themed #EndSARS, clamoring for an end to police brutality; not to mention increased insecurity, threatened food security as supply chain broke down leading to an unprecedented jump in prices of food items, a recession and just think, the year isn’t even over yet!

There have been a lot of changes in the world in 2020. I don’t think too many of us had a global pandemic on our list of predictions for 2020.

Here are a few of the major lessons I’ve learned – and how we can do things differently from now on.

  • Gratitude: Life is fragile, uncertain, confusing, and surreal. 2020 showed me clearly how much there is to be grateful for; even when everything I thought I needed to be happy was taken away.

I learned that compassion, kindness, and love comes out of places where I least expect it.

The world is not bad, people are generally good. We hear of so much hurt, vengeance, and wrongdoing; but we also find kindness, love, and compassion if we look.

  • Prioritizing family and friends: This is a must, and I don’t think we were doing this enough. Now we are forced to, and I’m sure some families are at each other’s last nerves.

But I think we should take a minute and appreciate what we are being given: a chance to reconnect and understand each other.

An opportunity to work on our interpersonal relationships, let go of past issues, forgive each other, make new memories and get creative with how we spend our time together. We have enough technology at our fingertips to stay connected no matter what. 

  • The Importance of Health and Wellness: I took steps to redefine my view of fitness and health. I paid attention to my intake of food and activity levels, and worked on developing healthy habits and build a healthy lifestyle.

My perspective of nutrition changed. I thought of food like it is medicine and used it to work for me and keep me fit.

  • Resilience: The pandemic forced me to survey what resources I have at my disposal and cultivate more resources to help me get by.

I found myself leaning harder on my friendships, which illuminated the existent strength of those relationships, while also rendering them even stronger.

Not only did I look outward, I also located tools within, like positive self-talk. I looked for ways I could make my life happier, despite all the factors out of my control. I realized I’m stronger than I thought, and that I have more resources (internal and external) than I previously knew.

Self-care is a priority and not a privilege. Difficult times show us the real face of life and real face of people

  • Career backup plans are important: So many people are suffering pay cuts or losing their jobs during this time.

A common theme to address this, as I have been taught by coach Sola of Smart Investment Club, is advocating for multiple income streams or starting a side hustle.

This crisis has shown us that you never know what can happen. We all should have an idea of what else we could do with our skills; or what areas we’d be willing to learn so that if we’re forced to, we can pivot.

  • Let’s slow down: We need to live one day at a time and pay attention to where we are at. I know this is much easier said than done, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan for the future. I just think that we need to do a better job of being present and being more mindful. We all know that life is short; let’s wake up from this and try to really enjoy life and make every moment count.
  • Be intentional in everything you do: Your life depends on it – Nothing stays still…change is inevitable – Setting smart goals is good but learning to pivot these goals is even better…learn to be flexible.
  • Financial health is important:  Financial knowledge will save you. Money you keep today will save you tomorrow.

Your knowledge is your most valuable asset, investing in personal development is the best investment you can make on you because your future depends on it

I am grateful to all those who have graciously shared their appreciation lists with us and look forward to sharing more responses from members next week.  

It is safe to say, that we are experiencing the second wave of COVID 19 cases in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State. As such we must continue to take personal responsibility for ensuring our safety. 

Keep washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing your face masks in public.  

Here is wishing all of us Merry Christmas in advance.

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