I have spoken to quite a number people in the last few months who have used the same phrase in describing themselves…

Late Bloomer

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, A late bloomer is someone who becomes successful, attractive, etc., at a later time in life than other people.

When we look at it, the past few years have witnessed a high rate of technological advancement, sensitization about financial freedom and wealth building, as a well as a wide array of handy, practical financial tools and opportunities.

You see, for the earlier generations, the financial literacy and freedom memos came a bit late, but never too late for those who are willing to embrace the concepts at whatever age.

Do you agree that if our parents had found themselves in enabling financial literacy environments, had access to coaches who could show the way and with a lot of investing opportunities as we have now, a lot of them would have done much better?

Everyone is responsible for the decisions they make, but a lot of social-cultural and social-economic factors affect our outlook about life and what we do per time, per generation.

Gen Y( Millennials), but particularly Gen Z( born in the mid- late 90s ) are hitting their work age in the midst of such a technologically advancing and enabling world; where much opportunities abound, and it’s so easy to break-through at an early age.

And we would continue to record greater strides from that age category. 

And for Generation X, for Boomers and just anyone who embraces the gifts of life in living an amazing life- the opportunities are endless. 

I personally believe that societal and social media pressures accentuate the late blooming concept as well.

But you see, age is relative.

By the way, I am particularly inspired about Joe Biden’s victory at the recently concluded US elections.

Tomorrow 20th November, he turns 78- making him the oldest US President to be elected.

Prior to that, Donald Trump held that record ( he was elected at 70).

So you see, the most important thing to do is to bloom- just bloom, whenever you can. 

A 50 year old now has access to what a 21 year old has in terms of information, knowledge.

The question is would the 50 year old be able and willing to commit to execution?

I am team hit your dreams/ goals early enough and keep going strong as fast and far as your legs can take you, but I am aware the dynamics of life doesn’t play out for all the same way…

Wherever you are now, is the best place to proceed from!

In a video I recorded yesterday with our Smart Stewards Academy Programs Manager; Mayowa Olusoji, we discussed 4 things anyone who feels they are a late bloomer should do.

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The Year 2021

As the year comes to an end, it is such a good time to plan for the new year become the festivities hit!

I would be sharing at a webinar next Thursday- 26th of November- 7 Money Ws to Crunch in 2021 .

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I will also be giving out a new e-Book I have been working on with attendees, as well as a financial planning template to help you navigate the year.

So super excited about this, about the new year and the great strides you and I will make.

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I see you winning really big in 2021!

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