Welcome to a new week.

Last week was definitely one for the archives as it took many Nigerians (home and abroad) on an emotional rollercoaster ride. From the feeling of optimism to grief, to horror, and eventually numbness; we certainly experienced it all.

We will agree that the events of this month have had a toll on business activities in Nigeria, which incidentally was still trying to recover from the impact of the COVID pandemic and the lockdown. The subsequent looting and wanton destruction of properties, especially small businesses, will also in no small manner contribute to the emotional numbness many people are experiencing at this time.

Our mental wellbeing is critical to healthy living and as such, it is necessary we pay due attention to our moods and emotions at times like this. We need good health to be able to make and manage wealth.

Poor mental health makes managing money harder whilst money issues can cause our mental health to suffer.

Below are some of the steps we can take to manage our mental wellbeing:

  • Share your worries or concerns: like the Yoruba adage says “he who keeps quiet will also suppress the knowledge of what ails him”, and (likely) help will therefore not be forthcoming.

Look for a family member, close friend or therapist or counselor to speak with. Talking about one’s concerns tend to lighten burdens and even helps put a different perspective on the issue at hand.

It is said that the idea of the outdoor elevator came from a construction worker who overheard his bosses discussing the fact that the building plan had omitted space for the installation of an elevator inside the building. If they had not voiced out the issue to his hearing, he probably would not have been able to proffer the solution of having an outdoor elevator.

  • Ask for help: There is nothing wrong in asking for help – financial or otherwise.

It should not be construed as a sign of weakness, rather, it is a sign of strength as it means you understand your vulnerability and are willing to deal with it.

For instance, in the wake of the recent looting of properties, several crowd funding activities are ongoing for businesses that need to be revived. It actually takes grace and strength not only to be able to give but also to receive.

  • Take a break: It may mean switching off social media or looking for an offsite location.

It also involves doing activities such as reading, watching TV, taking up a hobby or listening to music.

Exercising also helps greatly – running, swimming, boxing and yoga are some examples.

A clear and relaxed mind may be all you need to analyze the situation. It does not necessarily mean the issue or problem will disappear, it just helps provide clarity.

Issac Newton famously came up with the concept of the law of gravity after he saw an apple drop from a tree whilst strolling in the orchid in his family house.

Please note that taking a break is different from isolation.

  • Pray or meditate: Studies have shown that prayer does bring joy and comfort to sufferers of traumatic events.

Prayer and meditation also are recognized as emotion regulating events.

The steps above are some hints that may be of help at this time, however if you feel you need the help of professional counselors/mental health experts, please reach out to one to get all the help you need.

As we all try to move ahead with our daily lives, may the labours of our heroes past never be in vain; and may our hope for a better Nigeria materialise sooner than later.

Although hope deferred truly makes the heart weak, we can move into the future knowing that the youth showed us a glimpse of what they are capable of doing in less than 2 weeks.

May the souls of the victims also rest in perfect peace and may they find justice no matter how long it takes. May God continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kindly remember that there is still no cure for the corona virus and that prevention is always the better option.

Please continue to take personal responsibility for ensuring that Nigeria does not experience a second wave of COVID 19.

Keep washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing your face masks in public.  

Till next week, do have a wonderful week.

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